Fluke Genuine Accessories

From cases to protect your tools, hanging strap solutions to free your hands, current clamps that extend your current ranges, Fluke genuine accessories has got you covered. The perfect match for your Fluke tools.

Three must have accessories for industrial applications.

  • TPAK Meter Hanging Kit to hang your meter, freeing both hands to conduct measurements.
  • TLK-225 SureGrip Mastery Accessory set lets you take measurements comfortably in tight places.
  • TLK289 is a great set designed for electrical and electronics testing in today's industrial environments.

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The TPAK Meter Hanging Kit works with your Fluke Connect™ meters and modules

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Featured Tools for HVAC Technicians

Our most popular accessory Kit includes all the SureGrip clips along with TL224 test leads and a six-pocket storage pouch. Designed for electrical and electronics test in today's industrial environment.

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